Hours, Appointments, and Location


Tuesday 2pm-7pm Virtual Office (online only)
Wednesday 9am-2pm at 68 Scollard St (Mindful Movement Centre)
Thursday 10am-7pm at 68 Scollard St (Mindful Movement Centre)

Virtual visits are available during all the above hours.
Dr. Laliberte is currently taking new patients.


Bookings can be made online or by email.
Rates and availability are shown on the booking page.
Special rates are available for full time students and hospitality employees, at a 20% price reduction. Email to inquire further.
Direct billing is available for select insurance providers, such as Canada Life and Claim Secure.

Notice For In-Person Visits

Before your in-person visit, please be aware of the following:

  1. MASKS – Masks are currently optional. Get in touch if you have any concerns regarding masking. Dr. Laliberte will wear a mask during acupuncture/cupping treatments.
  2. SHOES & SOCKS – We ask that all visitors to the studio remove their shoes before entering. Clean socks can be provided to you at the door to wear through the studio if needed.


Mindful Movement Centre at 68 Scollard Street, just north of Bay station.
Appointments are available Monday and Thursday at this location.


Contact Dr. Laliberte here.


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